by Grim State

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released June 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Grim State Dayton, Ohio

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Grim State formed in late 2009.
Through touring and constantly releasing more music; they have shown just how unstoppable they are.

While incorporating many different styles within their own sound, they have created something that no one else can duplicate.

Grim State is:

Aaron: Vocals
Cody: Guitar
Jason: Bass
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Track Name: Fighting the Fallacies
Losing control. My life, you stole.

I won’t become your slave.
Cursed until your grave.
I predict my future.
You’ll grow on me like a tumor.

Losing control. My life, you stole.

I’m, running out of things to say.
You, don’t want to see another way.
I, don’t want to live in dismay.
You, have gone astray.

You went too far.
You made a scar.
The kind that you, never forget.
I’ll make a promise.
You won’t find solace.
The day you relent.

I won’t grovel at your feet.
I won’t marvel at your deceit.

Tormented. I’m haunted. By your face
Tormented. I’m haunted. By you.
Track Name: Anathema
The sound of your voice
Makes me sick
Because of you I’ll never feel the same
The touch of your hand
Fills me with rage
I want to watch you suffer

20 nails, 32 teeth
That’s all you’re to me
Swine that believes it’s divine
I see your disguise

No purpose, no different
Do my words make you nervous
I’ll despise you forever

I will, unleash this malice
So you can feel what you’ve put me through
I won’t, stop until your begging
Track Name: Power Hungry Pedigree

You will never be in control
I distaste everything you wanted me to be
This is my life, not yours

Shun me

Held against my will
I refuse to be like you

You will consume
Anything placed in front of you