Post Traumatic Social Dysfunction

by Grim State

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released July 5, 2015

Mixed & Mastered by Cody Davidson
Vocal tracking by Shaun O'Shaughnessy
Artwork by: Aaron Russell



all rights reserved


Grim State Dayton, Ohio

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Grim State formed in late 2009.
Through touring and constantly releasing more music; they have shown just how unstoppable they are.

While incorporating many different styles within their own sound, they have created something that no one else can duplicate.

Grim State is:

Aaron: Vocals
Cody: Guitar
Jason: Bass
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Track Name: Torture Endured
Listen to the sound of your pathetic voice screaming
Glisten your eyes, at the sign of death coming

Forget the promises of a better life
More life told to you to keep your mind
Their ruthlessness will never end
They will strike you again and again

You will continue to bleed
You will continue to plea
Track Name: Heretic Unearthed
Cary the anger you feel
For the rest of your life
Collapse onto the ground
They will never care

Shut you out

Grasping for things, you can not have
They decide our lives, from here on out
I won’t give them the satisfaction
Be the catalyst of their annihilation

Break the bones of those who oppose us
Hurt them all
Track Name: Culture of Vultures
My vision, no longer impaired
I have awaken, to the truths I’ve been cheated
No longer will I be force fed
I’ll spit out anything you try to give

I’m not, your pawn
Or someone you can beat on
Your actions have created, a toll
Inflict all your pain
I won’t cave in
No you won’t take my life

Everyday telling me how I should be
I don’t owe you anything
Wasted your time trying to coerce
Succeeding in making things worse
Track Name: Disintegrated
Disgust. Numbness. Within oneself

Insensitive I admit, of what you represent
Foolish I am, of not giving a damn

I’ll terrorize you until you die
Give you the same treatment they gave me
Splitting and Skewing. Until you break
I have come to enslave
Filled with shame.
Your to blame of this discord.

Disgraceful of life
Degrading you thrive
I hate you
Track Name: Deviant
It’s sickening how inhumane people have become
Focusing on petty differences
Refuse to excuse their abuse
Create unrest for being repressed

Disparity has stricken many around me
Speaking out, creates hostility
No dignity

We are the same

Individuals often ridiculed
Making their lives difficult
Lead to believe, they’re insignificant
We’re no different

Be the deviant
To change the current