by Grim State

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released April 23, 2013

All songs by Grim State

Preproduction by Shaun O,Shaughnessy at FM Records in Dayton, Ohio December 2012

Tracked by Bobby Leonard at Paper Tiger Studios in Columbus, Ohio January-February 2013

Mixed and Mastered by Zeuss at Planet Z Studios in Hadley, Massachusetts March 2013

Artwork by Aaron Russell

©2013 All rights reserved



all rights reserved


Grim State Dayton, Ohio

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Grim State formed in late 2009.
Through touring and constantly releasing more music; they have shown just how unstoppable they are.

While incorporating many different styles within their own sound, they have created something that no one else can duplicate.

Grim State is:

Aaron: Vocals
Cody: Guitar
Jason: Bass
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Track Name: Volatile
My mind, throbbing, constantly shifting

My intentions, disturbing
Having trouble, focusing
Broken perception
No connection

I'm unstable, irrational
My frustrations eternal

I've kept this wrath
In far too long
Aggression towards the world
I won' t be handled
I will cause harm
Anger sweeps over me in a blur
Can't control my nerves
My mind imprisoned, forgotten and left alone

Hostile, no denial
There's something wrong with me
Dejected, Neglected
I just want to flee

I can't ignore
These erratic thoughts
A constant onslaught
On my shattered existence
Track Name: Unstable
You have me mistaken
As someone who can be predicted
Blaming me was an error
Lack of effort, was your failure

Don't doubt
What I'm capable of
Track Name: Absent
Woken up in an unfamiliar place
I don't recognize my own face
Is this a dream, I can't tell
I must be unwell

No one to comfort me
No way to keep my sanity
Nothing to grab a hold
Nothing to let me know if this is real

I speculate it's too late
For me to be saved

My thoughts run rampant
As my head keeps aching
My comprehension, absent
My mind seems to be breaking

I envisioned a better life
Free from being deprived
The ability to live the way
Ive always wanted

I've lost all hope

Misery, haunting me
Pulling me deeper
Into the unknown
I will never escape this nightmare

If I'm dreaming, wake me
If I'm conscience, kill me
I can't decipher what's real
Release me from this hell
Track Name: Illness
The deeper I dig
The more I lose control
I feel grounded by the things that don't hold
Any, Meaning, To me
I can't stop myself from feeling bewildered

I've never felt so disconnected with myself
I'm starting to think I was cursed from the beginning

The illness is eating away
As my life begins to change

Overwhelmed with sadness
I can't get a grasp
Of reality, I'm such a disappointment

Doomed to dwell in this hell forever

Tired of trying to escape my own conscience
I pity myself for creating many problems
I wreak havoc, upon myself

I can't contain these feelings anymore
My mind in a constant state of war
Doomed to dwell in this hell forever

Doomed to dwell
In this hell
Track Name: Torn
Instability, plaguing me
I foresee
A life time
Of struggling

Trying to gain control of who I am
And what I want to be
They say I'm delusional
But they just want to hold me down

Illusions confusing me
Dysfunction of mind and body
I try to grasp, a new perspective
My mind is ineffective

They keep telling me, what to do
I try to ignore them
They keep telling me, what to do
Just leave me alone

Difficult decisions, weighing me down
As I try to flee
Lacking motivation, to withdraw myself
From the equation
Track Name: Dream
I spent my whole life chasing a dream
And now it's slowly killing me
I'd do anything to make it a reality
It's the closet thing I'll have to serenity

My future is unclear
Soon I'll be living with my biggest fear
Nothing to show for the countless years
From working towards impossible goals
Track Name: Madness
Viciosuly thinking, slowly descending
Watching the sickness consume
I collapse into the darkness
It's the only truth, that I know

In this mind, I can't escape. Escape

Forcing me, into
A life not worth living
Always yearning for, something real

This madness, destroying
Any chances, of returning

Abstractions, ripping
My sanity
Stricken with, agony
Fighting for myself

I fester away
In this mind, I can't escape

Relentless suffering, troubling my mind
Clawing out of, what I'm confined
Malicious thoughts blurring my judgement
Everyday I grow… more distant

I am not okay